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What Are the Duties of a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

What services does a virtual assistant provide? Companies hire assistants to help them with a range of tasks. This might vary from routine book-keeping to customer service activities. Many small company owners lack the money to pay an in-house assistant. A virtual assistant is frequently less expensive than hiring a full-time employee, giving your company the needed help while saving you money.

A virtual assistant can be helpful, but which jobs should you distribute and which should you retain? That is what we shall be talking about in this blog.

A virtual administrator can handle the following types of tasks

Virtual assistants help you manage your workload. The type of assignments is determined by your position and the tasks that must be completed in your department. As an administrative supervisor, you may have a variety of duties and deadlines to complete, making your workdays quite hectic. Outsourcing some of your office responsibilities to a virtual assistant can increase productivity and help you maintain a good work-life balance.

You want details? Let us now jump into specifics.

Routine office work:

Your calendar, files, email inbox, and phone management system are all aspects of everyday life that you may assign to a specialized virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can support you with these office activities from a remote location.

Planning and travel arrangements:

Do you need to arrange a conference in the next several months?

Give it to your virtual assistant. Do you have to follow up on a meeting that a customer missed? A virtual assistant can keep track of your schedule. If you spend too much time searching through your own calendars, a virtual administrative assistant can provide an immediate productivity boost.

Telephone calls:

 A virtual assistant covering administrative responsibilities can be your ears and voice when you’d rather be focused on productive and distraction-free work, from answering incoming phone calls to placing phone calls on your behalf.


An Administrative Assistant Who Makes Your Job Easier

It’s one thing to describe some of the services that a virtual administrative assistant may provide, but it’s much more essential to show how this could work. Here are a few possibilities to help you picture your life after employing a virtual assistant:

Making your schedule less demanding

A virtual assistant allows you to concentrate on one task at a time without becoming overburdened by a large amount of work. Your schedule will be more open and less stressful with fewer tasks.

More tasks completed in less time

With a second person working for you, you may delegate jobs and multitask more effectively. The virtual assistant can handle tasks that you may not have time to complete, allowing you to complete tasks more easily.

Getting your workplace organized

Virtual assistants can also help you stay organized at work. Consider assigning administrative responsibilities, such as tracking your progress and sorting documents and information from databases.

How to Tell When You Need a Virtual Assistant

As your firm grows, you’ll have to give some of your job titles and outsource tasks. Is there a solution? Hire a virtual assistant so you can focus on what is important and go back to work on your business

The following are some warning signs that you may want additional help with:

Constant burnout:

If you’re spending too much time on your business and it seems to consume every waking hour, you should consider employing a virtual assistant.

Administrative tasks take up most of your time: 

Are you going over your schedule? Do you have any idea where your time goes? If administrative activities are taking up the bulk of your time (say, more than 40-50% of your job), a virtual assistant can help.

 You’re passing up work that may help your company develop:

Imagine this: Your dream customer asks about your availability and service options. You’ve been waiting for this moment since you started your company, and it’s finally arrived — only to vanish because you don’t have the time in your schedule to accommodate them. Not only are you passing on your dream customer, but you’re also passing up work that may help your company develop. You may avoid turning down a job by preparing yourself and your company for success with the help of a virtual assistant.

How to Get Started with Your Own Virtual Assistant – GetCallers

We’ve gone through a long list of reasons why you would wish to hire an administrative assistant. If you are convinced, you can begin working with GetCallers virtual assistants. Here are the steps involved:


 That’s all there is to it—just team up with GetCallers and create an account to get started. It is simple to sign up.

Contact a customer success manager

Get in touch with one of the experts to make sure you get a virtual administrative assistant who has the correct mix of skills and experience. 

Connect with your VAA 

The next step is to choose the administrative assistant who is best for you with the assistance of one of the experts. 

Make a plan to incorporate the VAA into your business

What will the VAA do on a daily basis? What are your highest priorities? What information do they need to know about your company before they begin? Answer these questions. 

When looking for lesser prices, you never have to worry about the quality of the services at GetCallers. You get a VA starting from $5 per hour per agent. Check out the website for additional information on locating, hiring, and working with virtual assistants.


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