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GetCallers virtual sales assistant is something of a marketing assistant; they’re not only good at taking on tasks that you would instead not do, but they can add to your capacity in just about anything that has to do with marketing and sales. Indeed, a virtual assistant won’t be physically present, but you may find that the advantages of hiring one from GetCallers can far outweigh the need to have your assistant with you at the office. The process of adding an executive assistant who can help with your sales department is convenient and easy just at GetCallers.

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Sales Outsourcing

What Is Sales Outsourcing?

Virtual Assistant sale outsourcing is when you pass on a part or all of your sales activities to the faithful third-party sales team. It allows businesses to attract and contact potential consumers without hiring part-time or full-time sales agents internally. Yes, save yourself from stress and grow your business for less than the cost of a full-time employee with GetCallers Sales Outsourcing.

Why Choose GetCallers For Sales Outsourcing?

For many business owners, bringing in new sales is not their passion. They’d prefer to spend time thinking about the customer—not acquiring new customers. For people like that, GetCallers provides virtual sales assistants can be a significant relief. A virtual sales assistant can plug into your sales processes like a full-time employee assisting with prospecting, administrative tasks, and lead generation. When you outsource Virtual Assistant services, you can have extended working hours. Outsourcing your sales to individuals in different time zones or countries means your business will be operating anytime and the entire time. The more time you give to your clients, the better results you get.  The Getcallers Sales Outsourcing team takes less money but provides you with highly talented professionals.

1 – Cost – In sales, it’s all about the bottom line. So how does hiring someone who can help you in the sales process impact that bottom line? It starts with evaluating a virtual assistant in terms of cost. One of the significant advantages here with GetCallers is that you won’t commit to a virtual assistant what you would otherwise have to pay for a full-time employee. That makes it much easier to figure out the bottom line as you evaluate the value of an assistant who can help you with closing deals.

2 – Flexibility – When you commit to a full-time hire, do you know how much you’re spending?  If you’re not yet sure you want to expand the number of people on your channel, then skipping straight to a full-time employee hire can be a big step. A GetCallers virtual assistant gives you the flexibility to outsource your prospecting tasks without making a more significant commitment first.

What Happens When You Hire Our Services?

  1. You are assigned handpicked dedicated virtual agents when you subscribe to our services. These agents are industry-specific and are well-trained, efficient in the skills your company needs. You may also select your Virtual Agent and train them according to your business requirements.
  2. One of our Account Specialists will be assigned to manage your sales campaign in less than three days. Get Virtual Assistants to help you optimize your business. You can work directly with them to coordinate everything from agent incentives, training, scripting, and any other details you wish to discuss.
  3. The dedicated Account Managers with expert Virtual agents help you achieve success, and you are offered tailor-made scripts for your industry. Let us engage your leads within minutes to ensure you have all the results you need for success.
  4. At GetCallers, it is effortless to connect, sync, and export the data you need with stress-free integration. GetCallers works with your favorite apps, CRM, and API for a seamless transition so you can trigger event-based calls based on data fields in your system.
  5. Automatically organize and filter your leads based on criteria, such as lead types and lead sources. You may target leads with the right message and get as specific as you need! Customize your call script and data fields to personalize each contact. Personalized conversations mean better conversion rates.
  6. Syncing the results is super easy. With a veritable goldmine of data, you can share insights with your team and reference anything with the click of a button.
  7. When your business wants results, nothing works better than outbound telemarketing. Uncover everything from open-ended responses to specific data points. Find exactly what you’re looking for by working with our team of experts.
    • Forward your online leads to GetCallers.
    • We engage leads at the right time with proven scripts.
    • Get the results and the insights you need to close more deals.

Key GetCallers Features


1. Forward your online leads to GetCallers.

Process Flow

2. We Engage Leads at the right time with proven scripts.

Lead Up

3. Get the results and the insights you need to close more sales.

Why GetCallers Is The Best In The Market

Be it a Big or a Small Business; we have solutions designed for all.

  • Professionally designed scripts
  • TCPA Compliant
  • Real-time call recording
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Assured Data Privacy & Quality Control
  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling to your calendar
Virtual Assistant sale outsourcing

Key GetCallers Features

All of our features are designed for businesses, big and small.


Custom-Tailored Scripts


TCPA Complaint


Call Recording for Each Call


Real Time Analytics


Quality & Security


Book Appointments in your Calendar

Real People... Real Results!

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At GetCallers, you never have to worry about payroll, additional office space, attendance systems, or buying extra lunch for your new team members. We cut out all other costs and help your business grow exponentially. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to stress W-2 wages, sick leaves or sabbaticals, extra office decor, or existing remote working employees. We are an extension of your current business.

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