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GetCallers is your source for quality, affordable remote virtual assistants and callers. We help businesses achieve 10x growth by assisting them with recurring and time-consuming tasks.

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Drive Sales

Timely follow-ups are the key to sales. You can see a 450% difference in response time for leads that receive a follow-up phone call within an hour of submitting an inquiry to your business and those that didn’t receive a follow-up.

Our agents are experts at follow-up calls. A phone call always converts better. 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. In sales, the easiest way to convert more than 88% of your prospects to clients is through a phone call. Imagine your prospects getting a phone call the instant they press submit on your intake form. Whatever system you are currently using, we can seamlessly integrate with it. Outsource virtual assistant services to drive sales and improve operational efficiency for a revenue boost.


Reduce Your Payroll

The average worker in the modern world is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes. Outsourcing can reduce your payroll by up to 1/3 the cost of in-house staff.

Spend less by working with us. Pay only for the time your employees are actually working. Build your team of remote virtual assistants and callers in the cloud, and have as many as you need. No W-2, no benefits required, no vacation pay, or paid sick leave. Hundreds of satisfied clients can’t be wrong. Call us today for best virtual assistant services and find out what’s needed to grow your remote workforce with our best virtual assistants.


Industry Specific

We tailor our virtual agents to your company’s specific needs and industry, so they are highly effective. Every company is indeed distinctive in some manner. Our callers and virtual assistants can assist you regarding how you want us to approach your prospects.

Even top companies lose up to 25 percent of their sales professionals every quarter. Spend less time on training and get more sales. This makes us unique from our competitors. We are intuitive and proficient when it comes to working with each industry. We first analyze the market and your needs, then we provide the best call center services that get you the best result for your business. Every business is unique in its own way. Our affordable virtual assistants and callers follow your guidelines on how you want us to approach your prospect.

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GetCallers is a pioneer among call center services and freelancer companies, which provides business outsourcing across a range of industries for global and national organizations. Our virtual assistants and callers are skilled and can do anything you need them to do to help facilitate and grow your business.
What GetCallers Remote Callers can do for you

  • Outbound Calling
  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Appointment Setting
  • Customer Survey
  • Other Inbound and Outbound Calling Tasks

What GetCallers Virtual Assistants Services can do for you 

  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Management
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Calling
  • Other Administrative Tasks

Industries We Serve

  • Real Estate | Insurance | Finance
  • Medical | Mortgage | Credit
  • Solar Industries | Cleaning | Home Maintenance
Remote callers and virtual assistants become a cohesive team throughout the internet. By assigning specific tasks to GetCallers Virtual Assistants and Callers, you can quickly achieve 10x growth for your business with Virtual assistants Job. It’s super easy to get started!

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Pay weekly as you go!

No long contracts! We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the efficiency, tailored approach, and results of our dedicated virtual assistants and callers, that we offer a No Cost – Cancel Anytime option! Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses!

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Why Choose GetCallers?

Freedom to Pick Your Own Remote Callers or Best Personal Assistant!

Hand select your perfect personal assistant and callers from our line-up of amazing workers! Listen to recordings and make your selection. Just tell them what you want them to do and they are ready to start crushing it for you immediately.
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Reduce your payroll up to 75%

Our amazing pricing and quick scalability are the major reasons for our success. No other company can match our agency quality and tech for as low as $5 per agent per hour pricing. It’s a fact!

At GetCallers, we believe that you should never sacrifice the quality of service when searching for lower costs. For this reason, our callers and virtual assistants are highly motivated and dedicated to performing their duties at a fraction of the traditional costs onshore.

All of our call center agents are sitting in our offices. We do not allow our callers and virtual assistants to work from home. This increases the overall performance of the agent for our clients. Experience unparalleled support and efficiency with our top virtual assistant services.

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Fill out the Sign-up form: you can fill out the sign-up form where you will be asked to
provide the basic details: name, country, email, and phone number. This will
schedule a call for you.

Talk with an expert: an expert
manager will get in touch with you. Our manager will ask you about your needs
and provide you with all the available plans.

Hire an agent: carefully review all the options
that are presented to you. Choose the option that best serves your needs.

 Our team of professionals is
readily available to set up and manage your campaign from start to finish.
Partner with GetCallers to scale your business to the next level. Hundreds of
satisfied clients have already joined and started seeing amazing results.

We offer virtual call center
solutions from the Philippines, where most Fortune 500 companies outsource. Our
team of dedicated English-speaking agents is all office-bound (NOT homebound).
By assigning specific tasks to GetCallers, you can quickly achieve 10x growth
for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

GetCallers provides well-trained best virtual assistants to handle customer service, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, and more for small and medium-sized businesses. It works on cloud-based technology, allowing clients to manage and monitor their agent’s real-time performance.

GetCallers offers best virtual assistant services and call center services, including inbound and outbound call services, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, cold calling, virtual office assistants, affordable personal assistant and more.

GetCallers’ pricing depends on the service requested and the number of agents required. They offer flexible pricing plans and can customize packages to meet the unique needs of each client. Click here to know more.

GetCallers’ services can benefit businesses of all sizes that require call center services and affordable virtual assistants. It is ideal for those businesses that want to increase efficiency,  reduce costs and manage administrative tasks.

GetCallers’ cloud-based platform allows clients to monitor their agents ‘ real-time performance. They can listen to calls, track call volume, review call transcripts, and provide feedback to their agents.

Partner with GetCallers

GetCallers can help you with a team of Virtual Assistants and Callers of your choice. There are no payroll issues, extra office costs, attendance issues, or extra lunch expenses for your new team members.

To help your business grow enormously, we eliminate all other expenditures. You don’t have to worry about W-2 salaries, sick days or sabbaticals, additional office furnishings, or a current virtual assistant also. We are a continuation of the work you already do.


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