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Vanguard BPO was established in 2008. It strives to combine customer needs with technology and people to produce a synergistic blend of customized solutions that produce higher profits, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction and lasting client relationships.

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Vanguard Tech Solutions Pte. Ltd. 68 Circular Road, #2-01, 049422, Singapore


About GetCallers

The dynamic needs of modern business are always changing. GetCallers was founded to help serve the unique requirements of a variety of industries. Our parent company, Vanguard BPO was established in 2008 to help promote the interests of B2B clients everywhere. As a company, we strive to combine sophisticated technology and qualified agents to create an ultimate synergy. This unique synergy allows companies to experience higher profits, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction and lasting client relationships.

At our core, we operate based on a philosophy that is centered around the customer. We believe, “Your customer is also our customer.” By focusing on a customer centric business model, we strive for nothing short of perfection. The needs of our customers transcend our own interests, and therefore there is nothing we won't do to ensure your satisfaction.

As a company, we have a very successful track record of assisting customers scale their businesses, reduce costs, improve margins, and increase market share. Between our three world-class locations around the world, we operate one of the world’s largest cloud based call center. Within those locations, our team manages everything from lead generation, data entry processing, IT services, and the successful implementation of numerous solutions.

Throughout the years, we have gained first hand expertise by working with industries around the globe. Simply stated, we understand what your business needs are. You require a customized solution that is specifically tailored to your business. Through in-depth investigative processes, we will be able to seamlessly integrate customized Call Center Services into your business. Most importantly, you want to know that our outsourcing solution provides you with ultimate cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, metrics, reports, and analytics for your business. At GetCallers, we are dedicated to providing all of the above, plus more. Our customers love our solutions because we offer the best quality, reliability, experience, price, technical capability, and commitment to serving as an asset to your business.

Our amazing company operates in the United States, Argentina, and the Philippines. GetCallers's cloud based call center solution has all the features to efficiently manage your inbound, outbound or a combination customer call center. All of our locations are managed by highly educated and experienced personnel who have your best interest at heart. Many of our personnel have been with us since we opened our doors in 2008. This is why we make a great option for you to consider for your outsourcing needs.

“GetCallers has truly made our clients achieve the results they expect from cloud based contact centers”

No more headaches when worrying about payroll, additional office space, attendance, or having the need to buy office lunches... Let GetCallers take the pain away.

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