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Vanguard BPO was established in 2008. It strives to combine customer needs with technology and people to produce a synergistic blend of customized solutions that produce higher profits, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction and lasting client relationships.

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About GetCallers - Cloud  Call Centers & Live Chat Support

Conducting business today isn’t the same as it was 50 years ago. Even 10 years ago, the business landscape looked dramatically different, meaning modern teams need a call center solution that meets their needs in an ever-evolving world. GetCallers empowers you to stay on-the-pulse of innovation, keeping your call center on-trend and in-line with the latest technology no matter what.

GetCaller’s goal is to empower small to medium-sized companies to afford call center services and admin tasks, leveling out the playing field by bringing smaller enterprises to the same level as the “big guns.” GetCallers is tailored to meet the needs of smaller businesses, with agents ready to assist with cold calling, cloud call centers, live chat support, and virtual assistance - all at unheard-of prices in the BPO market.

We serve a broad spectrum of businesses across numerous industries. We have been empowering our clients with qualified agents and sophisticated technology since 2008, sparking a unique synergy responsible for lower costs, higher profit margins, and most importantly, better service that boosts satisfaction and creates long-lasting relationships with customers.

This is all made possible through professional metrics, reports, and analytics that turn knowledge into power. GetCallers is a leading cloud call centers solution provider with exclusive features and pricing. Get a cloud call centers solution for your business today. Our track record in this regard speaks for itself, with a team ready to efficiently manage your inbound  customer  cloud call centers and virtual assistant needs. We treat your customers as our own, reaching beyond expectation to overdeliver from our three world-class locations globally, from the USA to Argentina and the Philippines. Today, GetCallers operates one of the globe’s largest cloud call centers and virtual assistant service, live chat support underpinned by an exceptional team managing everything from lead generation to data entry processing, IT services, and brilliant solution implementation.

Rest assured that GetCallers works hard to get to know your business’s needs, turning your challenges into a tailored cloud call centers and live chat support solution. When you choose to work with GetCallers, you choose quality service provided by a reliable team of experienced professionals, with the technical capacity and personal touch you’d expect. Our promise to you is to make our business an asset to yours, so contact us today to experience the GetCallers difference for yourself.

“GetCallers has truly made our clients achieve the results they expect from cloud call centers”

No more headaches when worrying about payroll, additional office space, attendance, or having the need to buy office lunches... Let GetCallers take the pain away.

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