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The experts at GetCallers are the pioneers of lead generation services in America and abroad, because they know how to create the right opportunities. Step aside to observe the magic that we make. Our call center lead generation expertise, connects you with high-quality prospects.

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Why Do Companies Rely On GetCallers For Their Call Center Services And Lead Generation?

At GetCallers, we provide the most effective conversation-driven marketing and sales platform that gathers real-time feedback using trained professionals who deliver valuable insights.

GetCallers revolutionizes with the most innovative minds to provide the best call center solutions globally. We facilitate inbound customer services for B2B & B2C organizations globally.

GetCallers has a wide range of call center services to improve customer service efficiently and maximize customer satisfaction globally. Integrate your existing workflows seamlessly with us onboard to ensure a highly scalable, efficient, and agile workflow with our steadfast systems and processes.

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Forward your Online leads to  GetCallers. 

We Engage your Leads efficaciously with proven master sales scripts.

Real-time Analytics and reporting help you close more deals efficiently.

The Right Kind Of Lead Generation Is Thorough Research

A continuous flow of qualified leads from distinct sources is pivotal for your business’s success. We understand how difficult prospecting can be at times. However, we make it possible by using the art of persuasion in the tone your brand needs.

GetCallers is here to help you achieve your monthly goals by active lead generation. All that remains is winning the deal. Supercharge your business growth with our high-impact lead generation services, ensuring a steady flow of valuable opportunities.

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Why GetCallers Is The Best In The Market

Be it a Big or a Small Business; we have solutions designed for all.

  • Professionally designed scripts
  • TCPA Compliant
  • Real-time call recording
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Assured Data Privacy & Quality Control
  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling to your calendar

1. Forward your online leads to GetCallers.

Process Flow

2. We Engage Leads at the right time with proven scripts.

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3. Get the results and the insights you need to close more sales.

Key GetCallers Features

All of our features are designed for businesses, big and small.


Custom-Tailored Scripts


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Call Recording for Each Call


Real Time Analytics


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What Makes a Good Lead Generation Service?

When researching providers, ensure they offer B2B and B2C lead generation competencies. The service should be versatile enough to target enterprises and consumers.

Top services also have multilingual agents to support global campaigns and leads. High-touch outbound calling with email and social follow-up is also essential.

Sophisticated CRM integrations, compliance tools, and real-time analytics are vital for tracking campaign KPIs like lead quality, agent performance, call outcomes, etc., to optimize ongoing efforts.
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What Makes a Good Lead Generation Service?

High-performance outsourced call centers cater to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients.

Strategies for B2B Lead Gen

For enterprise deals, lead agents will research key decision-makers at companies matching your ideal customer profile. Typical titles targeted include:

  • CFO
  • CTO
  • CEO
  • Directors
  • VPs
  • Managers

Through persistence and savvy questioning, agents qualify details like:

  • Org size
  • Revenue
  • Location
  • Current vendors/partners
  • Pain points
  • Timeframes
  • Budget

They then schedule vetted prospects for demos.

Specialized B2B List Sourcing

Many outsourced call centers maintain proprietary lead lists and databases or leverage services like ZoomInfo to target influential corporate roles across any industry or niche.

Approaches for B2C Lead Gen

On the consumer front, call center agents take a high-volume approach. Typical lead gen goals include:

  • Driving ebook or content offer downloads
  • Scheduling product demos
  • Capturing buyer details
  • Promoting discounts or trials
  • Cross-selling existing customers

Effective B2C lead generation leverages more generalized contact databases to reach wider swaths of consumers matching core buyer personas.

The Power of Cold Calling

Many businesses are open to cold outreach. However, 82% of sales reps agree it remains very effective for lead generation. The key is using savvy agents.
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Overcoming Objections

Veteran call center agents have finely tuned rebuttal skills. Common pushback includes:

  • “We already have a provider.”
  • “I’m not interested.”
  • “We don’t have budget.”
But agents don’t take no for an answer. They articulate value props and emphasize ROI until resistance diminishes.

Cold Call Success Stories

In one case, a lead generation call center made over 400 dials to schedule 8 software demos for a client. However, this converted to $300k in closed ARR in just 90 days – an excellent ROI.

It takes proficiency, nuance and finesse. Outsourced specialists dedicate 100% time to mastering lead gen outreach. An outside sales team simply cannot replicate their productivity.

Qualifying Viable Leads

Qualified leads have a 34% higher conversion rate. Outsourced call centers are meticulous about vetting prospects before reaching sales teams.

Lead Qualification Questions

It’s both an art and a science. Agents leverage key details like:

  • Title/role
  • Company size
  • Current solutions
  • Budget ownership
  • Vision/Goals
  • Purchase drivers
  • Timeframes
They also assess engagement levels by interpreting responses and tones. This determines if a prospect is cold, warm or hot. Cold leads get nurtured or recycled. Hot prospects pass immediately to sales.
A Personal Social Media Assistant sits at a desk, focused on a laptop screen. They are engaged in various tasks, managing social media platforms, and optimizing content to enhance online presence and engagement.
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Sample Qualification Scale

  • Hot – Actively seeking a solution like ours
  • Warm – Intrigued by our offerings
  • Cold – Limited interest or engagement
Effectively outsourced call centers move 60%+ of prospects from cold to warm statuses during lead gen calls. They disqualify or nurture the remainder accordingly.

Automated Lead Scoring

Many call centers also provide integrated CRM and marketing automation capabilities. These instantly score inbound and outbound leads based on attributes like:

  • Pages visited
  • Email opens/clicks
  • Content downloads
  • Form completions
  • Call outcomes
Hot prospects queue for sales while cold leads route for nurture streams like email drip campaigns. Mid-level prospects reuse for additional outbound attempts to gauge engagement.
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Email & Social Channels for Lead Gen

While calling takes center stage, savvy outsourced call centers augment efforts with digital nurture streams.
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Driving Opt-Ins via Lead Magnets

Landing pages, web forms, and surveys capture visitor contact info in exchange for content. Ebook topics like:

  • Industry guides
  • Product walkthroughs
  • ROI calculators
Help incentivize downloads. Subscriber details port directly to CRM records for immediate outbound follow-up and ongoing nurture.

Social Platforms to Find Leads

Paid ads target lookalike Audiences on Facebook to evaluate consumer reception. Product demos or trials incentivize visitors to convert.

LinkedIn drives B2B lead generation via targeted sponsored posts and messaging campaigns focused on key roles at target companies.

Regardless of the source, call center agents leverage digital contacts for immediate outbound calls, booking meetings with those expressing interest.
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Centralized, Accessible Lead Records

Once generated, tracking and accessing new contacts is imperative for the sales team’s efficiency.

Outsourced call centers feed lead details directly into client CRM and MAP systems via turnkey integrations. This provides continuity for sales reps expecting new prospects, no matter how they generate. Most integrate with popular platforms like:
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle
Ideally, custom fields and objects mirror internal structures that seamlessly pass inbound and outbound contacts. This minimizes manual follow-up and provides comprehensive activity histories across channels when reps access records.

The Power of Cold Calling

Many businesses are open to cold outreach. However, 82% of sales reps agree it remains very effective for lead generation. The key is using savvy agents.

Customer Support

Inbound call routing provides after-hours or overflow assistance for existing buyers. Highly trained offshore teams manage routine queries or escalate issues to equivalently skilled onshore account reps. This reduces client staffing costs.

Technical Support

Many offshore centers also maintain IT help desks to assist with tier-1 technical questions, password resets, or application troubleshooting. Like customer support, intricate integrations and processes route each query to the ideal resource based on severity, system, product, etc.

The Cost Benefits of Outsourced Lead Gen

Generally, outsourced call centers cost 50-80% less than the same capabilities staffed entirely in-house. Savings stem from:

No recruitment costs: Centers maintain IT engineers to optimize dialer performance and call metrics. This expertise costs over $150k annually to staff internally, but the fees bake into monthly outsourced rates.

High agent performance: Specialized agents convert more leads with less overhead through practices like predictive dialing, real-time coaching, and motivational competitions

Minimal management: Designated account managers oversee programs rather than multiple internal team leaders.

High economies of scale: Centers aggregate agent groups, enterprise dialers, CRM licenses etc., across clients to minimize costs

Maximizing Return on Investment

And enhanced productivity compounds outsourcing ROI. Agents often deliver 2-3x more qualified appointments than entry-level internal reps. Even major call centers cost just $1000-$1500 to staff per agent per month.

The collective efficiencies enable clients to scale lead gen programs on demand to fuel hypergrowth. Outsourced call centers transform sales prospecting from a fixed cost to a variable, scalable investment aligned tightly to revenue delivery.

Why Global Reach Matters

The best-outsourced call centers maintain geographically dispersed operations across North America, South Asia, and Europe. Such global infrastructure and agent talent enable supporting clients anywhere.
Lead GenerationCall Center

Local Presence: Domestic call centers within target countries provide localized sales support, campaign oversight, and compliant data/call handling.

International Scale: Offshore teams from India or the Philippines offer affordable high-volume lead generation, appointment setting, and nurturing campaigns. Multilingual agents also help penetrate global markets by engaging prospects in native languages.
Global delivery hedges against local disruptions like black swan events, infrastructure failures, or talent shortages that could otherwise throttle sales development efforts.

Monitoring Performance

Real-time analytics help optimize lead generation and agent productivity with so much on the line.

Tracking KPIs

Dashboards measure 80+ data points from calls, surveys, digital forms etc., including:
  • Call handle times
  • Hang-ups
  • Positive call outcomes
  • Appointments set
  • Lead quality score
  • Sales pipeline influenced
  • Appointments attended
  • Reply rates
  • Converted revenue
The system applies advanced algorithms to surface trends impacting core KPIs like cost per lead. Analysts then diagnose root causes across people, processes, and technology domains.
A Personal Social Media Assistant sits at a desk, focused on a laptop screen. They are engaged in various tasks, managing social media platforms, and optimizing content to enhance online presence and engagement.
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Optimizing Ongoing Efforts

Notifications alert when preset targets exceed acceptable thresholds, while data visualizations spotlight high- and low-performing elements. Leadership huddles convene to review primary takeaways and adjust efforts like contact lists, call scripts, or coaching plans accordingly.

These best practices ensure continuous optimization and maximize the leads and pipeline value delivered to sales teams.

The Time is Now

Sourcing and qualifying lead lists can be endless IT projects that prevent sales teams from focusing on selling. Outsourced call centers transform lead generation into specialized, scalable drivers fueling sustainable business growth.

If overwhelming inbound volumes or lead list focus distract your salespeople from selling, outsourced appointment setting could help get operations back on track.

To learn more about leveraging outsourced lead generation for your unique business needs, contact our specialists at GetCallers today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead generation call center services refer to outsourcing the process of generating leads to a specialized call center. These call centers use various tactics such as cold calling, telemarketing, and data mining to gather information on potential customers

Call center leads can improve sales by providing a steady stream of potential customers to businesses. These leads are often pre-qualified and interested in the products or services being offered. This increases the chances of closing sales and can result in increased revenue for the business.

Yes, call center leads can be customized to fit specific industries. Call center leads providers can gather information on potential customers based on criteria such as demographics, location, and purchasing history. This allows businesses to target their marketing efforts more effectively and increase their chances of closing sales. Experience exponential business growth through our innovative and tailored lead generation solutions.

Call center leads are often more effective than other lead-generation methods such as advertising or networking. This is because call center leads are often pre-qualified and interested in the products or services being offered. They also provide a steady stream of potential customers, which saves time and resources.

Yes, human moderation is important in lead generation call center services. Human moderators can review leads to ensure they are accurate and relevant. They can also make sure that potential customers are treated with respect and not subjected to spam or unwanted calls.

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