Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Explore the Top 10 Reasons for Hiring a VA”

This article explores the top 10 reasons for hiring a virtual assistant, including insights on when to hire, effective management techniques, and where to find one. It also answers the question of what a virtual assistant is and how it can benefit you and your business.

Services Provided by online Assistants

A virtual assistant is an individual who offers various services to businesses or entrepreneurs remotely. They are not physically located in the same office as their clients, however, they have online access to all the necessary information and tools required to perform their job effectively.

GetCallers | Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

In the past, VA’s were mostly self-employed individuals who focused on a single task. Today, there are agencies that offer a range of services and can provide you with assistants for your needs.

Some of the services include:

  • Customer support: They are great at handling customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback.

  • Administrative duties: They can help with time-consuming tasks like scheduling appointments and making to-do lists, freeing up time for more important tasks.

  • Social media marketing: Many virtual assistants have expertise in digital and social media marketing, which can help attract new customers.

  • Data entry and management: They can assist with entering data into a computer system, saving time.

  • Accounting and bookkeeping: Small business owners can benefit from the accounting and bookkeeping services offered by some virtual assistants.

Top Ten Advantages of hire a VA

Consider hiring a virtual assistant for these top ten reasons:

  1. Cost savings – they are cost-effective because they work remotely and can be hired for specific tasks or at an hourly rate. Additionally, virtual assistants from countries with a lower cost of living can offer the same job at a lower salary. It can also save on training costs as they are already skilled in specific tasks.

  1. Improved efficiency – By outsourcing non-core tasks like emailing, customer queries, research, and scheduling to virtual assistants, businesses can focus on their core competencies and increase productivity.

  1. More time for strategic thinking -assistants handle day-to-day operations, freeing up time for business owners to focus on long-term goals and growth.

  1. Access to specialized skills – assistants from around the world can offer specialized skills, such as digital media management, advanced Excel skills, and marketing.

  1. Quick business scaling – assistants can be hired quickly on a project-by-project basis, making it easy to cope with increasing work demands without rushing the recruitment process.

  1. Reduced micromanagement – assistants are good at time management and don’t need constant supervision, allowing business owners to focus on core business activities.

  1. 24/7 customer service – assistants can be hired from anywhere in the world to cater to different time zones, providing 24/7 customer support.

  1. Improved chances of success for startups – assistants can offer various services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, improving the chances of success for small business startups.

  1. Increased flexibility – assistants can be hired for a specific period or for specific tasks, offering increased flexibility for businesses.

  1. Opportunity to tap into a broader talent pool. pool – Hiring virtual assistants opens up access to a wider pool of talented individuals from around the world.

Why Virtual Assistants are Ideal for Certain Business Situations

The use of virtual assistants in business can be extremely beneficial. They are especially helpful in the following situations:

  • Small tasks or one-time projects – If there’s work that doesn’t require a full-time employee, a virtual assistant can help. Hiring someone full-time for just a few hours of work per day or week is not practical. Virtual assistants can handle these tasks efficiently from a remote location.

  • Repetitive and non-core tasks – Many businesses spend a lot of time on daily admin tasks like answering emails and phone calls. A competent virtual assistant can manage these tasks, allowing you to focus on more critical responsibilities.

  • Tasks requiring specific skills – As a business owner or manager, you may need help with tasks that require a specific skill set, such as marketing or bookkeeping. Hiring the right virtual assistant ensures the work is done correctly, boosting your productivity and bottom line.

  • Turning down clients – VA can help with onboarding multiple clients and growing your business. By freeing up time for you to focus on core tasks, such as acquiring new clients, you can avoid having to turn down work that could benefit your business.

Tools for Managing and Communicating with Virtual Assistants

Hiring virtual assistants can seem scary because they don’t work in the same physical space as you. But, you don’t have to worry! There are tools that can help you manage and communicate with your assistants with ease.

Communication Tools

  • To communicate with your assistants, who could be located far away, you need effective communication channels. There are two types of tools that can help with this: messaging tools and video calling tools.

Messaging Tools

Messaging tools such as Fleep and Slack are great for communicating with your virtual assistants. You can use these tools to discuss work demands, share project updates, and send files all in one place. You can even create custom channels for specific projects.

Video Calling Tools

Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype allow you to host appointments, project reviews, and walkthroughs with your online assistants. They can also help build a good working relationship between you and your VA.

Performance Monitoring Tools

If you’re worried about monitoring your virtual assistant’s productivity, don’t be! There are tools that can help you monitor their performance easily.

Time Doctor

Ericsson and Verizon are among the companies utilizing Time Doctor as a performance monitoring tool. It allows you to track what your virtual assistants are doing and ensure they’re focused on their tasks.

Time Tracking

Time Doctor has an interactive and automatic time tracker that lets you track the time your assistants spend on your work. The interactive mode lets your VA start and stop the timer for each task, while the automatic mode tracks time in the background.

Idle Time Tracking

Time Doctor also has an inactivity tracker that prevents your virtual assistants from logging idle time as work hours. If there’s no mouse or keyboard activity for a certain period, the timer automatically pauses.

Productivity Ratings

Time Doctor tracks the websites and apps used by your virtual assistants while they work and assigns a productivity rating based on your criteria.


Time Doctor generates reports on your virtual assistant’s work hours, activity, projects, and web and app usage


Time Doctor also has a built-in payroll feature that calculates your virtual assistant’s pay based on their hours worked and your chosen billable rates. It integrates with popular payment methods, or you can use your preferred payment platform.

So, now that you know about the tools available, you can go ahead and hire virtual assistant services with confidence!

Advantages of Hiring Virtual Assistants Through Dedicated Platforms and Agencies

Finding the right virtual assistant can be made easier by using dedicated businesses or marketplaces instead of just posting job ads on job portals like LinkedIn.

For independent contractors, you can look at freelancer sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Upwork is a great platform for businesses to outsource their accounting, data entry, and app development services to skilled virtual assistants. Fiverr is a popular choice for hiring virtual assistants for tasks such as managing social media accounts, transcription, and search engine optimization.

Another option is agencies, which provide on-demand assistants with specific skill sets and a simple hiring process. These agencies can help make the search for a virtual assistant easier and more efficient.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a wise decision for your business as they can provide support with a range of tasks. This can enhance your efficiency by allowing you to concentrate on more critical responsibilities by freeing up time. This makes it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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