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How Can an Insurance Virtual Assistant Help Scale Your Business?

There is no need to continue exploring if you want to expand your insurance company without taking the chance of hiring new staff. An Virtual Assistant for Insurance can aid you in assigning jobs that, if completed by staff, would ordinarily need too much time and money.

Read the entire article to learn how to work with a virtual assistant, what they can do for your insurance agency, and the many advantages of doing business with them.

Almost Protections Virtual Assistant

An insurance virtual assistant works from home and is part of your agency’s staff. They are either independent contractors or workers of another company that rents those workers to your agency; they are not officially “employees” of your agency.

A virtual assistant for insurance frequently resides abroad in another nation. The majority of virtual assistants for insurance work are in the Philippines and India. The rationale is that these nations serve as important call center hubs for big businesses. The economies of these nations are heavily reliant on business outsourcing. There is a large pool of skilled labor force “talent” from which virtual assistant businesses can choose.

Insurance Virtual Assistant

What is the Cost of Insurance VA?

The price to employ a virtual assistant for insurance varies and is determined by the tasks you assign them.  An entry-level insurance, for instance, will typically cost between $1700 and $2000 a month for full-time work from a respected insurance VA firm.

A virtual assistant with an insurance license who lives in the United States or Puerto Rico will typically cost between $4,000 and $4,500 per month.

It’s critical to decide if you require licensed insurance or just a VA for back-office clerical work when creating your budget. Many agents might believe they require a certified virtual assistant when, in fact, they would be better served by a clerical virtual assistant who might support their current team.

Why You Should Use an Insurance VA?


Let’s check out the benefits of using an insurance. Here’s how they can help you-

Handling Customers

Because insurance firms are responsible for looking after their clients and ensuring that their needs are met at all times, customer support services are crucial in this industry. The majority of your consumers will be impressed by the results you produce with the help of your virtual assistants.

Managing Queries

It’s difficult to handle numerous client inquiries. Fortunately, virtual assistants can organize meetings and schedules. They can also be used to effectively handle the questions that customers may have.

Managing Premiums

The premiums that insurance companies charge their clients are what they are most worried about. While virtual assistants are there to keep an eye on their clients’ activities, they may also use it to their advantage by observing and determining the risk involved with each client so they can respond to them appropriately.

Knowing the risk factor associated with each customer allows the insurance to design premium plans that reward lower-risk customers with lower premiums while penalizing higher-risk customers. This aids in preserving its profit and ensuring its expansion.

What services a virtual assistant can offer?

An insurance virtual assistan

Here are the top duties an insurance virtual assistant should perform for your company-

Pipeline Management

You’ll gain from having your insurance VA manage those drag-and-drop pipelines if you choose a sales enablement solution that has pipelines for sales, service, and renewals.

Your VA can serve as a traffic controller and ensure that every contact is in the appropriate pipeline stage if you have a high-volume agency. The tendency of agents to fall behind in the CRM is a regular issue. Your VA can ensure you keep on top of your pipeline if you let them in on critical interactions with carriers and clients.

Managing Emails

Every day, carriers, advertisers, clients, and the occasional emails enter your inbox. Having to check and read each one can be exhausting.

Your insurance assistant can assist you in maintaining a clutter-free inbox. Your approach should enable your VA to categorize your emails into buckets that need your attention. You are the only one who can decide what is “essential” and deserving of your response or recognition, and what may be ignored.

Data Entry in CRM

Data input or data cleanup inside the CRM may be the job an insurance virtual assistant is engaged to accomplish most frequently.

Your duplicate entry issues can be resolved by using a virtual assistant to transfer data back and forth between different software applications. All of your contacts can be reviewed by your virtual assistant, who can also make sure that all of your data is accurate and current. To ensure accurate reporting, they can override premiums and commissions in your systems.

Preparing New Business or Renewal Quote

Most virtual assistants can handle the duty of quoting new business and renewal business with ease. Several insurance virtual already have training on the industry’s standard comparison raters, as was previously indicated. You may spend more time meeting with the client and less time taking orders if you set up a process that lets your VA handle data input for incoming quotations for new business.

Administrative Tasks

Your insurance assistant should accept payments over the phone once you’re at ease and have put all of your necessary security measures in place. Make sure the internet connection on your insurance VA is strong. If so, you can add them to your VOIP (internet phone) so they can answer incoming calls for your business.

Grabbing the Cold Leads

As an agency owner, you should give your VA all the tools they need to succeed. To increase their chances of success, this includes data lists, scripts, bullet points, tools for resolving objections, role acting, etc.
When you have a VA ready to take on the phone work, they should “call for dollars” and be ready to transfer prospects to your sales team who wish to speak with an agent. Make sure your sales team is equipped to field outbound sales calls as another helpful suggestion. Some agents schedule time during the day to work with a rotating group of other producers and accept any incoming transfers.

Get the Protections Virtual Colleagues at GetCallers

GetCallers’ virtual assistant for insurance works remotely and takes care of tasks. The virtual insurance assistants help to perform daily data entry tasks and manage data efficiently. Employing virtual assistants for your company might help you get things done quickly and efficiently. You can get your virtual assistants starting from as low as $5 per hour per agent. Manage your insurance business effectively and efficiently with GetCallers.

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