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Get Yourself A Virtual Assistant To Manage Your Core Ecommerce Activities

An eCommerce virtual assistant will help you with many tasks. At GetCallers, we have trained our team to perform tasks like product listings, optimizing product lists, fulfilling orders, processing returns and exchanges, managing pricing and inventory product and research-based tasks, excel work, product image editing, bookkeeping, and handling customer support, thereby keeping your store up to date and running.

Our eCommerce assistant provides remote assistance to eCommerce business owners to help them run their online stores successfully and scale up their operations.

Services of eCommerce Virtual Assistant at GetCallers –

Product sourcing

The presentation of products needs to be vast and showcased properly so that the correct audience is targeted. And they should also suit the brand’s buyer personas. Our team is experts at product sourcing and holds detailed knowledge of the demanded products. We have a strong network of retailers so that the products in demand are available to you in bulk at a reasonable price.

Inventory management

A perfectly balanced inventory is a must for the smooth running of your business. If you lose the balance you will have either too much of a product or too less. Our team can help you to manage your inventory and save you from incurring losses.

Product listing

You need to invest your time to grow your business, but tasks like uploading titles of the product, updating them to keep up with the competitors, assigning prices, and optimizing them consume a lot of your time. With GetCallers our virtual assistant will help you to manage the listing of the products and update them when required.

Catchy product descriptions

To grab the attention of your target customers and increase your product search ability you need a good product description that is followed by the Search Engine Optimization trends. Our virtual assistants can help you bring up your product on Google search results and deliver catchy product descriptions for you.

Handling customer service

Customer satisfaction is not achieved even if your product is sold. Post-sales services and positive customer feedback have a great impact on the success of an online selling business as customers look for a trustworthy brand before they make the purchase. Our team will make sure that pre and post-sales support is provided to the customers.

Why Choose GetCallers For eCommerce Assistant Services?

Round-the-clock service: Our team is present at your service at all times. You can be sure about quick responses and answers from our team.

Safe and Secure Data: We love our customers and their privacy. We assure you that all the data and records you share with us are secure and safe.

World-class infrastructure: Our eCommerce agents use world-class infrastructure, systems, and advanced technologies to satisfy your business needs within the agreed time-frame.

Inclusive pricing options: We have various pricing parameters like the number of hours a week, etc. So you need not worry about your budget as we would surely have a package which comes under your budget.

Skilled Agents
Our team comprises some of the most experienced and talented eCommerce specialists who can cater to all your needs with ease.

Multilingual service: We have a team that specializes in not just English but many languages. Your growth is not hampered due to lingual barriers.

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