In every organization, whether you sell to consumers or other businesses, customer experience can form you touch the skies or land you on the underside. Business-to-consumer (B2C) customer service may differ from its business-to-business (B2B) counterpart, but it still plays an oversized role in building customer loyalty and happiness and generating ongoing revenue.

B2C refers to the kind of relationship that the vendor (business) has with its buyer (consumer). Unlike a business-to-business (B2B) company, B2C companies sell to their consumers instead of to large groups (typically other companies or businesses).

Types of B2C businesses:

Direct sellers- Direct sellers are perhaps the foremost common model of B2C companies. a right away seller could be a neighborhood business, because the system store is down the road from your house, or it might be an internet storefront, like that company that sells Dungeons & Dragons-themed candles that you simply just love.

Online Intermediaries

Effectively, these are go-betweens that don’t own the products or services they sell but instead connect the buyers and sellers. samples of this are Etsy, Amazon (in certain use cases), or Expedia.

Advertising-based businesses

This B2C model uses free digital content to induce visitors to a website to sell monetized advertisements. Websites like Huffington Post or Buzzfeed are great samples of internet sites with countless viewers that blend advertising with their native content to induce revenue.

Community-based businesses

These are sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, which build communities supported by mutual interests.

Fee-based Businesses

Sites like Netflix, Hulu, or the massive apple Times offer their content for a particular price. To access the platform, consumers pay a fee, usually granting them some user licenses to share with friends or family.

Necessities of the B2C Service:

The executives- The establishment of all compelling customer service just in case the board: a framework that may recognize and upgrade customer uphold dependent upon things.

Self-service/Knowledge Management

Customer issues are regularly more unpredictable and less specific than what’s seen in B2B. They typically induce first contact goals and are by and huge undeniably less specialized. In any case, that doesn’t mean B2C uphold is less complicated. To alleviate the number of services that make a specialist, B2C Customer Service organizations should help customers help themselves through self-service.

Uniquely marked assistance entrances

Here’s the place where customers can delineate the thanks to best assist themselves. Gateways give an assortment of contact focuses (your Help Center, uphold addresses, online media channels, then forth) that are in line together with your image and customer-confronting character.

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