Virtual Assistants are independent contractors that provide services to clients regarding
administrative work and operate outside of the client’s physical office. Instead, they are assigned
to work from a home office and access the necessary planning documents. One of the most
significant advantages of Virtual Assistants is the cost-effectiveness, as you hire them for the
only services you need.

At GetCallers, highly motivated and dedicated virtual assistants offer special services catering to
your business. These services help you to optimize your business that generates leads and
enhance your sales turnover.

Virtual Assistants at GetCallers are well educated, experienced, professional, and highly
motivated to perform their duties dedicatedly. The cost of hiring a virtual Assistant from
GetCallers is almost one-third of the price that is generally asked in the market.

When a Virtual Assistant of GetCallers is working with you, then there is nothing to be done by
you except the following –

● Providing your script
● Uploading of leads with which Getcallers can also help you
● Providing the hours of operation and where the calls are to be transferred
● Train the agents the way you want


The need for Virtual Agents has scaled up as small and medium startups, and businesses rely
upon virtual agents for the delegation of their tasks. This is mainly because it helps the
companies complete their work on time and focus on more critical activities. It also allows them
to cut down their costs and use the internet to operate their daily operations.
● A virtual assistant is a contractor and does not work as a full-time employee. Therefore,
the business using the services of a Virtual Assistant does not have to pay the same taxes
that it would have to pay for a full-time employee.
● A Virtual Assistant does not require a desk or a separate workspace at the business office.
They are expected to use their own computers and other types of equipment if needed
commonly – high-speed internet, software programs, etc.


  1. A team comprising of Virtual Assistants will work with you to set up and manage your
    campaign from A to Z.
  2. VA will help you scale up your sales turnover without any extravagant fees.
  3. They will work under your instructions and the way you like.
  4. Get maximized benefits at a meager price as low as $5 per hour from GetCallers. It is
    almost one-third of the price generally you have to pay in the market.
  5. You will have to never compromise with your quality as the VA’s are highly professional
    and qualified. They are experienced in their field and provide you the best.
    Researchers have found that virtual administration is one of the top five fastest-growing remote
    career categories. With the fast-changing world and development of technologies, new
    opportunities are developing for virtual assistants, and Getcallers is one of the operators that
    believe in their work.

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