Virtual Assistant Property Management

GetCallers have virtual assistants with a background in property management systems, data entry, and rental property quirks unique to your industry. Virtually every aspect of the real estate you own—from dealing with bookkeeping to handling rent payments—can be handled online these days with the help of GetCallers assistants.

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Why Choose GetCallers For Virtual Assistant Property Management?

  • Easier (and even automatic) scheduling and follow-up. Property management can sometimes feel like juggling—and it can be just as stressful. Virtual property management software and practices make it possible to do much of the juggling for you.
  • Incorporate property management marketing. Want to reach new and potential renters more quickly? Outsource much of your marketing to prospective tenants with effective scheduling and online lead capturing systems.
  • Better systems for maintenance requests. A maintenance request shouldn’t be an unexpected event. It should be a simple way to provide outstanding services for your tenants—with minimal interruption.

The more virtual you can make your property management business now, the better. You’ll be one step ahead of the curve.

  1. Supplement your staff with a virtual property management assistant. Having an extra pair of eyes to manage your virtual systems while you are away helps ensure that the entire process is smooth.
  2. Make your existing tenant services virtual. Can you handle online rent payments, or do you still insist that tenants mail your checks? The way you handle rent payments will be a reflection of the way your entire business works.
  3. Create a web presence that can handle new tenants. It’s not enough to have a website that shows pictures of your properties. Create a unique, responsive web presence. There are plenty of WordPress templates that make it possible for you to accept new contact forms from anyone visiting your site. A virtual property management assistant can help you with this.
  4. Install a property management system. We’re not going to tell you with property management software you need to install. There are plenty of options that can help you manage work orders, data entry, and even social media accounts with ease. What’s more important is that you get in the habit of using such a system.
  5. Create a scheduling system that makes sense for your hours. The beauty of virtual property management is that you can let the system remain responsive to people. You can incorporate software systems that automatically respond to tenants in off-hours and let them know that their message has been heard. Work with your property management virtual assistant to create a scheduling system that works for your hours.

What Happens When You Hire Our Services?

  1. You are assigned handpicked dedicated virtual agents when you subscribe to our services. These agents are industry-specific and are well-trained professionals, efficient in the skills your company needs. You may also select your own Virtual Agent and train them according to your business requirements.
  2. One of our professional Account Specialists will be assigned to manage your sales campaign in less than 3 days. Get Virtual Assistants to help you optimize your business. You can work directly with them to coordinate everything from agent incentives, training, scripting, and any other details you wish to discuss.
  3. The dedicated Account Managers with expert Virtual agents help you achieve success and you are offered tailor-made scripts for your industry. Let us engage your leads within minutes to ensure you have all the results you need for success.
  4. At GetCallers it is very simple to connect, sync, and export the data you need with stress-free integration. GetCallers works with your favorite apps, CRM, and API for a seamless transition so you can trigger event-based calls based on data fields in your system.
  5. Automatically organize and filter your leads based on criteria such as lead types and lead sources. You may target leads with the right message and get as specific as you need! Customize your call script and data fields to personalize each contact. Personalized conversations mean better conversion rates.
  6. Syncing the results is super easy. With a veritable goldmine of data, you can share insights with your team and reference anything with the click of a button.
  7. When your business wants results, nothing works better than outbound telemarketing. Uncover everything from open-ended responses to specific data points. Find exactly what you’re looking for by working with our team of experts.
      • Forward your online leads to GetCallers.
      • We engage leads at the right time with proven scripts.
      • Get the results and the insights you need to close more deals.

Key GetCallers Features

GetCallers outsourced team is a team of trained professionals who can get your sales team up working more efficiently because of the process of hiring, training, and building your team.


Why GetCallers Is The Best In The Market

Be it a Big or a Small Business; we have solutions designed for all.

  • Professionally designed scripts
  • TCPA Compliant
  • Real-time call recording
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Assured Data Privacy & Quality Control
  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling to your calendar

Real People... Real Results!

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Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith
16:45 17 Jun 21
I have had a wonderful time working with GetCallers. Karina who I work with has also been a great benefit to our business. She helps us in so many ways concerning our marketing, customer service, and so much more. Thank you so much for all your more
Tyreese wells
Tyreese wells
15:57 19 May 21
Great communication only been two weeks and I received 2 appointments for real estate. Great service
Tyler Hoffman
Tyler Hoffman
00:36 14 Apr 21
my caller was was not comfortable making calls, had no confidence, sounded offshore and didn’t even show up on day two. That’s what $5 buys.The onboarding was professional, super organized, and the data received at the end of the day was great, BUT you need callers who can get the job done. I cancelled more
Nathan F.
Nathan F.
09:44 02 Apr 21
Kyla became good on her 3rd day of calling, and is doing well so far. First 2 days she needed to understand the pitch and our product… 1 day of training wasn’t enough for her but at that rate, 2 days was good and she is doing fine so far…. All I care about is her setting up my zooms with new more
Rebecca W
Rebecca W
05:31 06 Mar 21
I was referred to you guys by my Real Estate coach and glad he did. We had an old list of leads and data that we accumulated over the years that we had no time to call them. My agent with GetCallers got me 12 appointments for the week. I am grateful. Thank more
Steve Mehtan
Steve Mehtan
08:31 12 Feb 21
Was skeptical at first due to the fact that I don’t have enough time in the day to train people, but I am glad I did the training with my agent. I showed them how to use my CRM, gave them logins, and got him to study my whole process. This is week 2 and so far not too bad, I expected a small % conversion on my dead leads, and so far she converted 2% from my old data. I will be adding fresh and let her get better and better with time. Definitely worth it for me and my company. $35 bonus has been authorized for the CA client, thanks!read more
Charles G
Charles G
06:03 29 Jan 21
Our virtual assistant is great at scheduling appointments for our clinic. My medical biller uses your 2 virtual assistants to help with medical billing. If you can also offer a Virtual doctor, I would take 2 but I guess for the time being it’ll have to be me. Thanks for simplifying my practice.!!read more
Vincent Lafriko
Vincent Lafriko
12:01 20 Jan 21
Two of my agents are doing great with the inbound and live chat for my e-commerce site. Thanks guys. As I grow, I will add more agents but for now I am good with two. Thanks!!!!read more
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