Virtual Marketing Assistant

All You Need to Know About Virtual Marketing Assistant

Virtual Marketing Assistant

When it comes to marketing, the term ROI immediately comes with it. No one would actually want to invest in marketing, but without an effective marketing strategy, it is hard to make your business discoverable. Thus, eventually, you start appreciating marketing when you start seeing the conversions. There are many ways to manage marketing. Some hire a marketing agency or an in-house team, while others hire marketing assistants; according to their needs. This post is dedicated to marketing assistants.

In this article, you will learn about:

What is a virtual assistant?

What does a virtual executive assistant bring to the table? 

What will life look like after getting a virtual assistant fit into your organization?

What are the steps to hiring a virtual executive assistant?

How Getcallers can help you?

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual marketing assistant is a marketing support expert who can help you with basic marketing tasks. A marketing VA is like an extra pair of hands for a marketing team or marketing manager. Many organizations, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs use the services of marketing assistants to improve their efficiency and productivity.

From marketing support to scheduling your marketing calendar, posting on social media, helping with analytics and generating reports, and social media management, a marketing assistant can add a huge value to your organization.

What does a virtual executive assistant bring to the table?      

The role of a marketing virtual marketing is to support the marketing manager in marketing activities. Here are the few skills you can expect from a virtual marketing:

Keyword research

A virtual assistant has a good knowledge of using keyword research tools. Your assistant can help you with basic marketing activities like keyword research and preparing keyword reports. Your assistant can help you find the right target audience by performing keyword research as per the set parameters.

Content marketing

Using the created content in the right way is vital for the success of content marketing. Virtual marketing knows the types of content and how to use the content on different platforms. You can expect an eye for detail from virtual marketing.  

Social media management

A marketing assistant can help you with lead generation and manage marketing efforts on social media. Expert marketing virtual assistants have good knowledge of how social media platforms work, and they have the right communication skills to help you with social media management.

Project management

Many virtual marketing assistants are experts in project management. An experienced virtual assistant can help you with project management using their years of experience working with different organizations. Your virtual assistant can help you with managing your digital team, assigning tasks, organizing marketing activities, and helping coordinate a remote team.

Analytics & reporting

A virtual executive assistant can use analytics tools to track the performance of the marketing campaign and create reports. Your virtual executive can also help you with setting the right KPIs for your marketing campaign using their knowledge.          

What will life look like after getting a virtual assistant into your organization?

Virtual marketing services have a range of skills that can be used to perform various marketing support activities. Find out how virtual marketing services can make your life easy.

Marketing support 

A virtual marketing executive can do a bit of all the tasks. Thus, your assistant can provide you with the marketing support you are vying for. Your virtual assistant may not be an expert who can design an entire marketing campaign for you, but your assistant can definitely assist you with the entire marketing campaign.

Perform time-consuming tasks

Your virtual assistant can perform time-consuming tasks for you, such as social media updates, maintaining your websites, networking with potential clients, following up on calls, and much more. This frees plenty of time for you and increases your productivity and efficiency.

Schedule your marketing calendar       

Your virtual assistant keeps you organized. Many self-marketers often miss the planning part once they get consumed with all of the social media tasks, creating content for the blog, and so on. Your marketing assistant can help you stay organized by keeping scheduling your marketing calendar as per the detailed marketing plan.          

These are the few ways virtual services can add to your organization. However, depending on the skills of a virtual marketing assistant and the needs of the organization, your virtual assistant may cater to the specific needs of the organization’s marketing campaign.

What are the steps to hiring a virtual executive assistant?

It is very simple to hire a virtual assistant. Have a look at the process.

  • Find a good virtual assistant provider agency
  • Specify your needs and the budget
  • Choose the right solution
  • Get your virtual  assistant onboard
  • Pay the invoice as per the billing cycle       

According to Payscale, the average hourly pay for a Marketing Assistant is $16.29, and full-time marketing assistants earn a median wage of $47,000 a year. Full-time employees are only really productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day. So, it is a great idea to hire virtual marketing services. 

How GetCallers can help you?

GetCallers is a leading virtual assistant provider agency that can help you with expert virtual executive assistants. The agency has been trusted by over 800 companies for virtual assistants and remote callers. You can explore the Getcallers virtual assistant plans to find the right virtual executive assistant solution for your organization.

  • Reduce your payroll up to 75%
  • Hire assistants as low as $5 per agent per hour pricing
  • No need to worry about payroll, additional office space, attendance systems, W-2 wages, sick leaves, sabbaticals, and more        

Partner with Getcallers. 

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