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GetCallers provides specialized website support services for content creation and management, SEO optimization, social promotion, and technical upkeep through our virtual assistant team.

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A virtual assistant (VA) is an experienced independent contractor who works remotely to provide administrative and operational support to clients.

Rather than hiring an in-house assistant, partnering with a skilled VA gives you an affordable way to delegate important everyday tasks so you can focus on business-critical functions.
At GetCallers, our team of dedicated website VAs act as remote extensions of your team. We seamlessly handle key website responsibilities – from creating engaging content to optimizing for search and technical upkeep.

Having an extra set of capable hands manage these continuing website workstreams alleviates the burden on you as the business owner. It also ensures your site receives the care and attentiveness required to fuel sustainable growth.
Writing optimized blog content
Managing social media profiles
Responding to site inquiries
Overseeing SEO initiatives
Correspondence Management
Our talent and technical capabilities allow us to adapt to the specific needs of your website. We customize an approach for success based on your industry, target audience, business goals and more.

How a Virtual Assistant Works

Operational Framework

Our virtual assistants work 100% remotely as independent contractors. Each has experience thriving in distributed work environments. This enables them to plug into your existing website operations for seamless support.

VAs collaborate through a combination of:
Personal Virtual Assistants
Shared online folders and project tools:We utilize password-protected cloud platforms to access, update, and manage website files, pages, and administrative systems. This ensures continuity of efforts even when teams are not online simultaneously.
Scheduled calls and video conferences:For more complex website projects, we reserve blocks on calendars to review progress, discuss open questions, and align priorities in real-time.
Instant messaging apps:Day-to-day check-ins happen over chat platforms. Quick pings between VAs and clients prevent minor issues from becoming major.
Built on a culture of open communication, our framework keeps all parties connected. You also gain access to on-demand resources without the overhead costs of an in-house hire.
Personal Assistant Virtual

Flexibility is Key

Our VAs balance working across several client accounts at once. We pay close attention so no single website we support goes neglected.
Working with over 500 brands since 2008 has exposed our team to many complex business environments. We move fluidly between industries helping configure websites for optimal function across:
  • E-commerce merchants
  • Financial service providers
  • Enterprise software companies
  • Online retailers
  • Remote work startups
VAs train to have a breadth of website knowledge, from optimizing WordPress installs to executing technical SEO audits. We help wherever website gaps exist – regularly or with special one-off projects. This versatility is why more brands make virtual assistants core to their web team strategy each day.

Virtual Assistant Duties

Our VAs handle both recurring administrative tasks and specialized website projects. Core responsibilities include:
Personal Virtual Assistants

Administrative Upkeep

Scheduling meetings and appointments:We integrate with your calendar system to coordinate calls and meetings related to the website’s needs and strategy. This keeps all involved parties looped in and on the same page.
Fielding live chat inquiries: Website visitors with quick questions or issues get helped directly by our team through instant chat support. We capture details to funnel back insights on customer problems too
Producing reports and analytics:Pulling regular reports on traffic, engagement rates, conversions, and sales tied back to site initiatives keeps leadership informed on performance.
Managing contact databases:VAs maintain up-to-date rosters of key internal stakeholders, vendors, and partner agencies through centralized CRM platforms.
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Website & Content Work

  • SEO execution:We audit websites for optimization best practices and directly implement changes for improved Google rankings – like meta tags and faster site speeds.
  • Writing fresh blogs & copy:Creating new anchor content pages around priority topics helps increase overall visibility and search real estate. We write and format drafts for review and approval.
  • Developing visual assets:Our team conceptualizes and builds missing media from infographics to explain complex information more visually to custom graphic elements that reinforce brand identity across pages.

Amplification Activities

  • Paid ad management:After setting campaign goals and parameters, we monitor paid search and social ad performance through platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager. We provide optimizations to hit target cost-per-click and conversion rates too.
  • Influencer outreach:Finding reputable industry professionals for sponsored guest contributions or backlinks amplifies domain authority and referral traffic. Our VAs identify and vet potential partners against criteria we define jointly.
Virtual assistant working on a laptop in an office setting.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Partnering with GetCallers virtual assistants to bolster your website support provides multiple advantages:
Rather than hiring a full-time in-house resource, our website VAs offer services at a fraction of the cost on an as-needed basis. Most clients achieve over 30% in annual savings over traditional hires through:
  • No expenses for office space, equipment, software or operational overhead
  • Only paying for actual time worked on critical tasks vs salaries covering downtime
  • Added manpower to amplifier your website productivity without increasing headcount
Time Savings:
Our VAs seamlessly take over website responsibilities that pile up. With countless demands competing for your focus daily, this lifts substantial burdens, so you work on the highest-impact business activities instead. Regained hours translate directly into big wins.
Expanded Skill Sets
No single person can master every website discipline at an expert level. Our team fills gaps by contributing specialized expertise where your capacities currently fall short – whether writing high-quality content or executing technical SEO audits. Consider us a modular extension of your web capabilities.
Increased Efficiency:
With us tackling important but not urgent website needs consistently, you increase operational precision across your broader organization. Companies that outsource to virtual assistants experience a 10-15% jump in employee output since they redistribute high-effort tasks to skilled specialists. That compounds growth.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Want to bring on elite website support through our team? Here is how we rapidly onboard new clients:
A Virtual Office Assistant service provider using laptop in his office

Finding Candidates

We first have you share information on your website environment, growth obstacles, and what support you envision needing over the next 6-12 months. This helps match you to VAs on our team whose experience maps closest to your present and future requirements.

Interviewing Finalists

We introduce you to 2-3 website assistant candidates via video call to assess communication abilities and rapport. Prepared with your website background, the VAs can ask intelligent questions about pain points and goals. You pick the best culture/skill fit.
Telemarketing outsourcing
Virtual Office Assistants are doing their work by using computer

Requirements Gathering

Before starting work, your new VA will again review your website properties more closely to capture technical particulars, vendor access credentials, guiding style manuals and all other specifics essential to excel in supporting key functions.

Launch Cadence Call

In an intro call, you walk through key website processes needing assistance, upcoming projects on the horizon, and how best to engage moving forward. This aligns all parties on plans, tools to use daily, and success metrics.
GetCallers|Website Support Services From Our Virtual Assistant Agency

SEO & Content Management

Having a website properly optimized for organic search is foundational. Our team helps increase high-value visitors to your site through:
Back-end Enhancements:
  • Metadata additions:We audit on-page elements and enrich pages with descriptive titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and more to improve Google comprehension.
  • Technical debugging:Broken links, formatting issues, expired security certificates, and suboptimal page speeds get flagged and addressed to avoid penalization.
  • Content promotion:Fresh blogs and new pages get socialized across brand channels to compound engagement. We also pursue strategic backlinking opportunities.
Creating Connection-Building Content
  • Industry analysis for topics:Through examining keyword data, competitor sites and broader market dialogue, we surface information gaps your audience seeks most.
  • Drafting captivating copy:We compose 300-500 word articles with SEO built directly into the content itself through generous usage of priority keyword variations. Our writing keeps readers engaged from the first sentence to CTA.
  • Matching brand style:Before publishing, we ensure articles, eBooks, guides, and all other written assets employ on-brand terminology, tone, and formatting for consistent visitor experiences.

Optimizing Websites for SEO

With technical optimization in place, elevating your search visibility further involves executing an integrated strategy tapping into multiple ranking factors, including:

Keyword Research

Identifying the terms and questions your buyers ask about solutions you offer provides a targeting roadmap to drive organic traffic. We uncover semantic keyword permutations through tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Backlink Building

Securing reputable sites to link back to your content pages or root domain simultaneously boosts domain authority and referral traffic. Our relationships across industries provide access to quality link-building opportunities

On-Page Optimization

We optimize page elements like titles, headers, content, file names and more with selected keyword variations. This signals relevancy to search engines around specific topics to improve rankings.

Creating Value-Driven Content

At GetCallers, our writing team has produced thousands of blog posts, guides, and other website content assets for clients. We optimize all copy to engage visitors AND search bots.
Personal Virtual Assistants

Specialized Writers:

Our blog writers have journalism and copywriting backgrounds. We focus exclusively on B2B environments tailoring messaging around buyer challenges and industry insights. Writers also have experience fueling lead generation through compelling offer content.

Matching Brand Style:

We analyze existing website content as a reference to mirror terminology use, tone, imagery, and other stylistic elements uniquely tied to brand identity across new articles we produce. This encourages consistency in visitor experiences site-wide.

Promoting & Repurposing Content:

Each blog gets shared natively across owned social media channels upon launch. We also break down and repackage copy into snippets ideal for additional platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to maximize reach.

Integrating With Social Media

A strategic link between owned website channels and external social media profiles reinforces messaging and positions your brand as an authority. Our VAs help cultivation alignment through initiatives like:

Cross-Promoting Content:

Upon launch, we share new blogs, eBooks, and other website content through your company’s social feeds. This exposes existing followers to gated offers hosted on-site that they can access once converted to a lead.

Engaging With Followers:

Monitoring social media notifications allows us to field questions about service capabilities, product availability, or support issues. We capture details to respond directly or route to appropriate internal teams if needed.

Amplifying Reach:

Paid social ads help expand visibility for newly published content and special website promotions among lookalike audiences. Our VAs manage existing campaigns and continuously test new creative to improve cost per click and conversion rates.

The goal is to drive incremental visitors from social platforms back to your website for high-intent sessions where they seek info and get compelled to convert through aligned messaging.

Time Management & Organization

Juggling multiple client accounts simultaneously while delivering consistent, quality work is central to our virtual assistant model. We leverage various tools and tactics to optimize time including:

1. Scheduling Focus Blocks

We divide days into segments dedicated to specific client tasks. Blocking time enables concentrated spurts progressing through website projects without distraction hopping between competing priorities.

2. Response SLA Agreement

We agree on an email/chat response SLA outlining expected timeframes for acknowledging messages based on urgency levels. Quick checks before moving to the next task make you feel supported.

3. Project Management Platforms

Tools like Asana centralizes capturing and tracking website tasks and deadlines across clients. Features like status labeling, commenting, and file attachments align with who owns what. GetCallers commits to making your website initiatives a seamless experience even while balancing other accounts simultaneously. Our organized approach prevents the risk of any deliverables slipping through the cracks, so you gain peace of mind.
Virtual Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant Virtual


As an established virtual assistant agency since 2008, GetCallers offers tremendous website support advantages, including:
Saved Time:Our VAs tackle all the website busywork piling up so you redirect focus to mission-critical business-building priorities with regained capacity.

Reduced Costs:Pay only for actual time worked by VAs vs inflated full-time salaries to get experienced help executing website best practices.

Expanded Expertise:Our team constantly fills emerging website skillset gaps – whether technical development or content creation – without requiring more hiring.

Heightened Consistency:With us handling website grunt work, you deliver more consistent, high-value visitor experiences through up-to-date content/features and reliable uptime.
Ready to unlock these benefits for your growing company? Let’s connect to explore where our website virtual assistants can make the most significant difference based on current goals.

The first step is a quick call to align website support requirements, growth obstacles, and success metrics. We have a 14-day firsthand trial to experience the impact before fully jumping in.

Let’s discuss how GetCallers can help save you hours, minimize overhead costs, and expand the boundaries of what’s possible online!
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