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GetCallers is the top Appointment Setting Company in the US. Our team of expert appointment setters ensures appointment retention. We schedule B2B & B2C appointments on behalf of clients directly into their calendars. Boost your sales pipeline with Appointment Setting to increase revenue generation with qualified leads and higher conversion rates with our B2B Appointment Setting services.

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How Do We Do It

Team GetCallers specifically tailors your B2B list, allowing your sales team to concentrate on positive opportunity conversion. We do the prospecting while you focus on winning the deals. Our assignment Setting strategy typically consists of a skilled, committed team tasked with providing a large volume of “sales qualified leads” along with detailed market feedback analytics for your future marketing/sales outreach strategies.

GetCallers verified appointment scheduler call centre services and timely follow-ups save you time and money. Expect a considerable improvement in your sales cycle with a good ROI.

  • We will help your company develop the requisite operational and analytical skills and an innovative approach to catering to customers’ needs to reach prospects and convert them into paying customers.
  • We build a strategic framework to assist you in developing marketing/sales processes.
  • We provide data, knowledge, and insights to help you implement new technologies to improve customer service and business strategies.

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Scheduling meetings and Generating leads are the two most difficult things in upscaling a business—GetCallers functions on making things at ease for our clients by handling your lead generation and appointments. We are among the best assignment setting  Setting companies because of our appointment confirmation services and appointment setters. GetCallers offers master scripts for approaching and engaging customers at the right time and delivers valuable insights.


We make scheduling appointments seem straightforward. We take care of setting appointments and aligning leads with you while focusing on other aspects of your business. Our team of experts works 24/7 assisting our clients globally. GetCallers is one of the best appointment scheduler services companies for identifying qualified business leads and our cheap appointment setters have helped lots of businesses.

We help you set appointments with prospects from all over the world. At the same time, you focus on attending appointments and converting them. Our Appointment setting services are convenient for all as it enables meeting clients from across the globe.

B2B appointment setting services need quite a lot of time to generate. GetCallers always bring new Appointment setting strategies to maximize customer service and customer satisfaction across the globe. 

Forward your Online leads to  GetCallers. 

We Engage your Leads efficaciously with proven master sales scripts.

Real-time Analytics and reporting help you close more deals efficiently.

Get In Touch With Us To Start Filling Your Pipeline With Warm & Qualified Leads.

1. Audience Reach

Contact your target audience directly. Create your custom list by selecting your target audience from our database of over 150 million companies.

2. Set Up The Base Targeting

Gain insights into customer profiles and preferences by reviewing the consumer database that uses one or more of your competitor’s goods & analyze the data of competitors, partners, and complementary products/services.

3. Creating A Target List

Either you choose from the list of people you want us to reach out to, or if you believe your in-house CRM data isn’t up to date enough to run campaigns or you need new contacts, we can help. Use our list-building service to generate 100% accurate and relevant lists.


1. Forward your online leads to GetCallers.

Process Flow

2. We Engage Leads at the right time with proven scripts.

Lead Up

3. Get the results and the insights you need to close more sales.

Boost Your Number Of Qualified Leads Dramatically!

Let GetCallers handle your B2B & B2C appointment scheduler. With us, you can be assured of: Personal Assistant Services

Optimize lead Inflow By Filtering Out Unqualified Leads

  • We save your time by qualifying the best leads from the rest.
  • Before the assignment setting, our assistants contact the leads and collect the insights you require. We understand your requirements and prospect the leads who are qualified.
  • Our team ensures to keep up with your routine and scheduled appointments appropriately. The appointment reminder is sent before a meeting to the client and leads. Our Appointment Setter eliminates the chances of missing important appointments.
  • At GetCallers, we generate qualified leads for you while you focus on winning the deals and growing your business.
  • We have devised a consistent model that other organizations have emulated. With our advanced technology and qualified Appointment setters, witness your business skyrocketing to the next level.

How To Hire Employees For Appointment Setting Services Through GetCallers?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to hire us:

B2C customer service
B2C customer service

Why GetCallers Is The Best In The Market

Be it a Big or a Small Business; we have solutions designed for all.

  • Professionally designed scripts
  • TCPA Compliant
  • Real-time call recording
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Assured Data Privacy & Quality Control
  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling to your calendar
Key GetCallers Features

All of our features are designed for businesses, big and small.


Custom-Tailored Scripts


TCPA Complaint


Call Recording for Each Call


Real Time Analytics


Quality & Security


Book Appointments in your Calendar

Real People... Real Results!


Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual assistant appointment setter is a professional who assists businesses in scheduling appointments with their clients or customers. They work remotely and use various tools and software to manage calendars, schedule appointments, and communicate with clients.

A virtual appointment assistant can benefit your business by saving you time and resources, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. They can also provide you with the flexibility to schedule appointments at any time of the day/night, ensuring that you never miss the opportunity to connect with a potential clients

A virtual appointment setter can help your business by managing your calendar and scheduling appointments on your behalf. This will help in saving your time and resources, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Virtual appointment setters can benefit any business that relies on appointments to generate revenue, such as sales, consulting, or healthcare services. They are useful for businesses that want to focus on improving their customer service by providing timely and efficient appointment scheduling.

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At GetCallers, you never have to worry about payroll, additional office space, attendance systems, or buying extra lunch for your new team members. We cut out all other costs and help your business grow exponentially. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to stress W-2 wages, sick leaves or sabbaticals, extra office decor, or existing remote working employees. We are an extension of your current business.

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